Growth of molds can easily take place anywhere either indoors or outdoors. If it gets contacted with living organisms, then Mold exposure symptoms  occur. By removing mold and its unhealthy affects from home and from the environment, you can stay healthy.

Mold exposure symptoms in people and animals

Mold exposure symptoms

  • Mold exposure symptoms in adults- It is very important for the adults to get concentration about molds in their home in other places where they spend time in a long time. Molds act as allergens and thus the result can be seen in different kinds of allergies. Some effective mold exposure symptoms in adults can be seen as rash, wheezing, coughing, running nose, redness of the eyes, watery eyes and some similar allergy symptoms. But, these symptoms are somehow cured by getting a proper treatment. Most of the adults are still not serious about these symptoms and unknown to the fact of presence of molds.

It is very much essential to know that different types of mold exposure symptoms can be seen if they have a weak immune system. Asthma, sinus and lung infections are the symptoms, that can also be seen in adults. It requires the proper knowledge of removing mold from the environment of your home.

  • Mold exposure symptoms in children-

Different kinds of symptoms are likely to be seen in the children. Though, these are similar to the adults but, its effects are much more serious than adults. Thus, mold exposure symptoms in children are sneezing, runny nose, rash or skin itching. These symptoms can be seen who are sensitive to mold. Asthma is also an affective symptoms of allergy. However, mold related to mycotoxins is responsible for skin irritation, these are present in the black mold seen in indoors.

If children get contacted with hypersensitivity pneumonitis, a kind of mold,  for a long time, then it can result in something similar to Pneumonia.  Fever as well as breathing problem can also be seen. Redness, watery eyes or itchy eyes on your child can also be seen. Henceforth, in children mold exposure symptoms depends on the two main factors as environment and the strength of a child’s immune system.

  • Mold exposure symptoms in dogs-

Mold exposure symptoms can easily be noticed in animals with some behavioral changes as well as changes in their regular activities. The common mold exposure symptoms in dogs depend on their protective strength and age. The symptoms are- Scratching excessively even fleas are not there, too much licking, coughing, hair loss due to licking as well as scratching, wheezing sound at the time of breathing, runny eyes along with a runny nose and sores can be noticed.

Some other mold exposure symptoms are labored breathing, lethargy, loss of appetite and bleed from itching excessively. Sometimes an odor can be appeared due to allergies. You need to be careful about its eating habit, if it is your pet. The mode and effect on a dog also influence its energy level.

  • Mold exposure symptoms in babies-

Effects of mold in babies are much more sensitive than that of adults and children. Pollen allergy is more common in babies. Airborne seeds and molds present on the surface lead to the mold exposure symptoms in babies. The symptoms are sneezing,  redness in eyes, itching, rash on the skin, fever, whizzing, itching in the eyes and some others. The babies or toddlers who have an asthma problem can easily get influenced of mold.

More than 90% babies get affected by mold. The most important factor is, the immune system of a baby develops from birth to youth, and it requires physiologic along with natural stimulation. The normal maturity in babies increases its internal strength physically as well as mentally. In babies the mold exposure symptoms depend on this fact.

  • Mold exposure symptoms in cats-

Like human beings, cats also get affected by mold. Thus, some mold exposure symptoms in cats can also be observed. If a cat is your pet, then it is very important to make a perfect food habit boost up its energy level. Mold affects in cat sometimes very badly. The reason of death of some cats is the effects of Stachybotrys Chartarums a black mold.

Licking nearby objects excessively, a terrific sound while breathing, redness in eyes, Lethargic, redness in eyes and scratching excessively can be seen as symptoms. These symptoms can be overwhelmed after getting the perfect treatment from the veterinary doctor. It is essential for your pet as well as for your family.  Everyone should take care about the mold exposure symptoms of their pets or cats.