Molds are formed in houses, based on certain parameters or conditions. Before we delve deeper with reason behind mold formation, it is important to know these parameters that make your house vulnerable to molds. So, here are the parameters at a glance:

  • A food source, such as cotton, drywall and wood
  • Moisture due to high humidity, water leaks, etc.
  • Darkness – molds cannot grow under natural lights
  • Low Temperature
  • Mold spores
  • Oxygen

Amongst all these factors, moisture is considered as the key behind mold growth. The other factors will be there more or less in every house, but moisture is something that needs to be taken care of in order to resist mold formation. In the following part of this write-up, we shall find how mold in house forms.

mold in house

Mold Forms Due to Humidity

Mold is generally formed in the households of those regions, where atmosphere stays humid mostly. Even if you do not live in such humid conditions, mold can be formed if atmosphere stays humid for a few days in a row, due to some sort of climate changes. When it rains for more than a week’s time, mold in house symptoms can be observed. Apart from weather, some other contributing factors are there too. Drying clothes inside house can increase humidity level inside house. Due to this, mold forms. HVAC equipments or air coolers can also enhance humidity level inside your house and thus chances become higher for mold formation. Same thing happens when you use humidifiers inside your house. The bottom line is humidity inside the house should not be more than 55%. If it exceeds that, it will cause serious troubles.

Leaking Roof Causes Mold

Concrete roofs can get leaked sometimes due to various reasons. Due to roof leakage, molds are formed rapidly inside a house. If water gets blocked on your roof for a few days, mold will form due to obvious reasons. Ceiling leakage is an alarming situation, as it encourages mold formation throughout the house.

Leaked Pipes Result Mold

Mold has been noted to be formed commonly in bathroom areas, especially if pipeline leakage problem has been neglected for a long time. Due to irregular plumbing servicing and maintenance jobs, such situation may appear. It can happen even due to small pipeline leakage problem.

Poor Ventilation in House Creates Mold

Poor ventilation in a house sets the perfect conditions for the molds to form. Due to poor ventilation, air gets humid inside the house and cannot find proper way to go outside. Furthermore, poor ventilation does not allow adequate sunlight to come inside the house. Ventilation has to be done very strategically, especially in kitchen and bathrooms, where generally the ambiance stays a little moist.

Wet Clothes Cause Mold

Keeping wet clothes inside house and allowing them to dry up inside the house are the prominent factors due to which mold is formed. Damp clothes left in a pile for a few days increase the humidity level inside the house. If the humidity level surpasses threshold limit, i.e. 55%, mold can be observed too be formed in such households.

Flooding Causes Mold

Mold can be formed due to flood. If water gets inside your house or the basement of your house, humidity level inside your house increases. Through the small pores of concrete water passes through very quickly. It can affect the entire house or a large section of the house. If flood water stays static for a few days, the situation will likely to get worst. Due to static water, dangerous toxic mold can develop, and due to such mold in house health risks are found.

Damp Basement Causes Mold

You need to consider carrying out testing for mold in house, if you have a damp and dark basement, which is unused for quite a long time. Due to high moistened conditions in the basement, moisture or small water droplets slowly start affected the whole house. Basements are generally colder and due to that more condensation of moisture takes place. Also, it is important check whether there is any water leakage issue present in your basement or not.

Along with all these reasons, few other reasons are also there behind black mold in house. If there is a pond or water reservoir near to your house, your house always carries the vulnerability of mold formation.