What is mold?

what is mold

Mold is one kind of eukaryotic creatures or micro-organisms and it does not come under any categories of animals or plants. For a long time it was unknown that what is mold. But, these organisms are regarded as decomposers of dead creatures as plants, wood, leaves etc. The appearance of molds can be seen in various colors in different kinds of mold as blue, black or green. Moreover, these colors of mold depend on the type of molds. The colony of these organisms is very small and you can not even observe it without a microscope. It is found anywhere either indoors or outdoors. Mold spores are very much health affected and thus it needs to be eliminated.

Sometimes these mold spores can be detected from air through testing process. Mold spores can be seen in different number and you need to know that molds present in both outdoors as well as indoors. The mold is influenced by the colony age, source of nutrients and the surface substrate. This is what is mold and mildew that experts are excited about. The discoloration of fungus is known as mildew.

What are the different types of mold?

  • Allergic Mold- This kind of mold is responsible for the different allergies and thus asthma is one of them. Some people and children are often comes in contact and susceptible to this. Though this are not claimed as life-threating, but it can be very effective.

Many times you can ask that, It is also essential that how does mold grow that influences as allergic. The answer is proper weather in air helps in growing this.


  • Pathogenic Mold- Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis is the main cause of this mold. It gives an acute response that similar to bacterial pneumonia. Aspergillus fumigatus is one kind of this and can easily affect on the lungs of those people or children who have the weak immunization system. It has the ability to produce a kind of infection.

The main reason that inspector found for how does mold grow is, the nature of the environment. If the humidity or water and better to say damp surface are availed, where oxygen is obtained in enough, the molds get its perfect environment to grow.  A mold is unable to grow without having water.

  • Toxic Mold- Mycotoxins are produced toxic molds and these are too much active that can make any person sick. Some possible reactions which can be seen in the people are cancer and immune suppression. The main reasons of getting contacted with these molds are ingested, touched and inhaled. Afla toxin is one of the examples of toxin molds that grow on some grains as pea nuts as well as certain other foods. What is mold and What is mold made of are also important and this is made of different kinds of fungi which are detected by pesticide chemicals.

Along with the above information of what is mold in the different area or types of mold, some are available in the air at the time of inspections, which are very essential to know as this can easily influenced the different organisms. How does mold grow is also important for some types of indoor as well as outdoor molds, which are explained as follows-

  • Alternaria– It is one of the common molds present in the air. It infects the people and generally seen in upper portion of the respiratory tract along with mouth and nose. At the time of infection it can cause allergy to the victim.
  • Aspergillus- It is one of the important types of mold that tells about it’s grow in damp climates and it is generally found in house hold dust.
  • Cladosporium– It can easily be found in different materials which get damped as woods, textiles as well as some porous materials.
  • Penicillium – It is found is wallpaper, carpet, decaying fabrics and also insulation of fiberglass. This is important in some areas to use as antibiotic penicillin.
  • Stachybotrys– It is available in black color and can cause a very much serious breathing problem. What is mold made of in this kind? This is toxic fungus in an extreme position.

Hence, here are explained some important molds and it is the complete information about what is mold.  Along with that, you can easily get the evidence of what is mold and mildew. You can easily get that what is mold made of.