Black mold removal is essential and it involves systematic measures for escaping from its adverse consequences. It’s black mold, or toxic mold, also called Stachybotrys chartarum species of mold. Black mold symptoms, which are more acute than normal allergies, are many and easy to detect. They will cause black mold health risks such as mental afflictions, breathing difficulties, damage to organs and the like. Toxic black mold is very inimical and risky. Black mold removal is to be done by taking some precautions, wearing protective gadgets. A wise course would, therefore, be to immediately contract a professional mold removing agency so that it applies scientific methods and appliances to remove them, arresting the spread of spores.

black mold removal

Mycotoxins are much dreaded. Being miniscule 0.1 microns, they’re found to be tenacious clinging on to human body even up to nine years. For these reasons, destroying the mycotoxins as well as arresting their spread is of paramount importance. Main cause for growth of black mold is cavities and hidden areas frequented by water ingress in walls, floors and ceilings. Black mold detection is possible when you find some black patches and pigments spreading in such vulnerable points.

Systematic and effective Black mold removal involves a series of steps. Some 10 of them are recalled here for your benefit.

When you suspect growth of black mold in water-soaked points, and when you get smell of black mold, and when you suffer health abnormalities as different from general reactions, you’ve to get serious about getting rid of the molds. Before starting the clean-up, you’re to move out to a different place to escape its exposure and inhalation. You’ve to be wary of your personal articles as they also are prone to contamination.

Then, get it inspected and tested by a Mold removal service that, using their experience and modern testing aids, will test and confirm the existence of black mold. To your surprise, hidden molds can be identified through their smell. Generally, possible points to check are walls, ceilings, floors, cracks, cavities, attics, basement, bathtubs, sinks, pipes, dry walls, under carpets and ducts.

Wear protective tools: During black mold removal, wear gloves, goggles, respirator mask and clothing for complete covering of the body to avoid contamination.

Once, you detect black mold, don’t disturb it until you’ve completed the containment techniques using plastic sheets with duct tape to cover all openings so that mold spores don’t spread to other areas.

Run a fan blowing out a window and create a negative pressure. This way you can drive the mold spores outside the house.

Drench all the dry molds with spray water so that the removed molds and the spores are not driven and mixed up with air.

Using mold removal products such as ammonia, hydrogen per oxide, baking soda, borax, tree tea oil, bleach and vinegar, start destroying and removing black mold. Some methods are detailed here.

Apply Ammonia plus water on the surface and allow it for some hours before cleaning and rinsing. Don’t mix ammonia with borax as it will cause toxic gas, harmful to health. This is effective on non- porous surfaces as glass, tiles or countertops, but not good for black mold removal on wood or dry wall which is non-porous.

Baking soda, alone or with vinegar, is mild and harmless to your family and pets. But it kills the mold apart from driving away the smell caused by molds. When the area requiring attention is small (10 sft.), you may adopt black mold removal DIY (do it yourself) process using this product. Tree tea oil and grapefruit seed extract, very easily available from local stores, also are similarly useful in this DIY process. They are natural, very harmless, but effective, cleaning the black molds. When the above two items are used, black mold removal cost may become slightly high. While applying the mold removing agents, cover even non-mold areas so that no recontamination occurs afterwards.

The materials and the area are to be cleaned using any of the above methods and cleaning agents. If molds are stubborn on porous objects like wood, they are only to be discarded out. Porous items like carpet, books and drywall are to be individually evaluated for molds residues and thrown off if molds are found still sticking.

Once the molds are removed and the area disinfected, allow the area to dry. Then vacuum the place using HEPA filtered vacuum cleaner to remove any residues of the mold and the spores.

Hold staunch moldy objects and the contents of the vacuum cleaner in plastic covers air-tight and then dispose them safely outside.

So, black mold removal is essential and easy if you follow the precautions and the process very correctly.