Most of the houses have this common problem of mold. Molds are a kind of fungal growth that grows both in the indoors and the outdoors. The most important reason of the mold growth is a wet or damp surface that easily attracts the fungus. If an individual finds out that there is a mold growth in the household then it should be cleared up immediately. Molds in the house could cause various problems of allergic reactions like, eye sores, skin rash, and irritation in throat, nose and even a runny nose. There are various mold removal products available in the market like, Bleach, Vinegar, Hydrogen peroxide, Tea tree oil, Borax, Baking soda, Detergent, Grapefruit seed extract and Ammonia. But only few of them are generally used for mold removal as because molds tend to be rigid.

Mold Removal

Steps to mold removal:

Before going into deep about mold removal it is important to understand that there are various products that can be used for the same. It totally depends on the individual on what kind of product they want to use.

Keep the place dry:

The main reason for the development of the mold is moisture and dampness. So, it is pretty evident that the area with mold will be wet or damp. Make sure to fan and dry the whole area before starting with the process.

Get rid of other materials surrounding the mold:

As the mold removal needs chemicals. So, make sure that the place is free of things other than the affected ones to avoid them from getting damaged.

Decide on the mold removal cost:

The mold removal cost depends on the area that is infected. If it is done personally then it won’t punch a hole on the pocket. Hiring a professional for remediation could cost 500$-4000$ (depending on the space). If the whole place is affected by mold then the cost could rise up to 10,000$-30,000$. It is best to opt for insurance in such case or you could do the whole thing all by yourself.

Select the cleaner:

It is important to select from the various mold removal products available in the market. House with children and pets should opt for mild products. Whereas, experts’ advice on using strong ones to get rid of the rigid stains. The proportions of the cleaning agents are,

Baking soda: Mix one part of baking soda with five parts of water.

Vinegar: Vinegar and water should be mixed equally to get rid of molds.

Detergent: Mix small amount of water with an unscented detergent.

Mold removal bleach: Combine three parts of water with one part of bleach.

Always opt for a spray bottle:

Put the cleaning solution in a spray bottle and then start the whole process. It is important to get the cleaning solution directly on the affected area.

Use a protective gear:

While settling down for cleaning the mold it is important to cover your mouth (including the nose) and hands with gloves. Remember you are using chemicals which tend to effect the exposed skin if comes in to contact. The fumes from the chemical is lethal at times.

Use a scrubber or a brush:

Molds tend to be very rigid, it is best to use a good scrubber or brush to get rid of the same. Start with small and soft brushing and then go harder with motion. In this way the molds gets away without much effort.

Dry the area:

After you are done with mold cleaning process, dry the area with an electric fan to get rid of any moisture or dampness. It is best to dry the place regularly for a couple of days until you are sure that place is free from any damps.

Further protection:

The sole reason that molds occur is due to moisture and dampness. Dampness occurs for some reason, try and identify the problem and fix it.

Remove old furniture with mold:

It is best to get rid of old furniture with molds as it tends to cause molds in other neighboring portions in the house. You can also choose to remodel them.

Tip for bathroom mold removal:

Mold removal bleach is the ideal cleaning agent for the bathroom mold removal. As because bathroom is a wet place so mold is pretty common there. But try to fix the problem of continuous water leakage as molds only occur with continuous dampness. Get the bathroom ventilated or put up an exhaust fan to keep the bathroom dry. And make sure to clean the bathroom on regular basis.